King Johns Castle

A rich tapestry of medieval history awaits when you step inside this formidable fortress. The interactive exhibition at King John’s Castle brings over 800 years of dramatic local history to life. 21st century touch-screen technology and 3D models are among the exciting features that will enable visitors to unlock tales of the Castle’s turbulent history. In the busy courtyard you’ll get a sense of what life was like back in Norman times. Explore the blacksmith’s workshop and try your luck at the medieval courtyard games, such as tug-o-war, quoits (ring toss) and horseshoe throwing, there’s something for all age groups to keep them entertained. The highlight of any visit to King John’s Castle is undoubtedly the stunning views visitors can enjoy from the top of the Castle’s iconic towers. Climb the turrets to reveal the panoramic views of Limerick City and its surrounds. Finish off with a trip to the Siege Café where you can relax with a coffee whilst reflecting on the wealth of historical significance King John’s Castle has to offer. Self-guided and guided tours available (pre-booking is essential to secure a guided tour). Interesting Fact: The Castle Courtyard also doubles as a live music venue, hosting popular artists such as Van Morrison, The Coronas and Hermitage Green in the past. Further concerts are scheduled to take place in 2024, check out our website for further details. Other events such as Culture Night bring the Castle Courtyard to life, with events planned every September to coincide with this annual event. For more information including booking details please visit:





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