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The Manor Fields Adare is a community-owned, 25 acre amenity with ownership vested in Adare Recreation Community Complex CLG. It is located just off the main Limerick /Kerry road, with the turn for the entrance at the traffic lights. Adare Recreation & Community Complex CLG is the legal entity but the facility is better known by its trading name – The Manor Fields Adare.

Management is by a voluntary group that was established to manage and develop The Manor Fields for the benefit of the people of Adare and beyond. It consists of a committee made up of members of major local clubs and associations together with schools, Limerick County Council and other community representatives. The Board of Directors are also volunteers.

The overall ethos of The Manor Fields is to provide recreational facilities for people of all ages and all abilities. An implementation sub-committee has been tasked with the design, delivery and roll out of the Master Plan. The facility has been open to the public and operational since May 2009 with thousands of users, from far and wide. Running costs are met from cash generated each season, donations, fundraising and ongoing philanthropic support. If you wish to support our ongoing fundraising please email us! We have developed a four phase plan to deliver a “flagship” recreational facility for the entire Mid-West region.
“Our vision is to create a community-owned, multi-use recreational facility shared by all codes and abilities”.

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THE 2027 RYDER CUP - Adare, Co. Limerick

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