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Barry expanded his passion for art whilst in Teacher Training College under the influence of Limerick Artist, Walter Verling, and as a teacher in Adare he enjoyed teaching Junior Certificate Art for a number of years. In the 90’s he developed an interest in signwriting in the old traditional style and
in 2006 he started concentrating on Landscapes and Equestrian scenes under the influence of Paul Quane at the Raheen Limerick Studio.

“My interest in horses stemmed from the hours spent working with these majestic animals, which have influenced many of my paintings and the love of sport in Adare and its golf courses has also had a big impact on my paintings” says Barry.

Painting with artist Roger McCarthy at Gallery 75 Limerick, Barry enjoyed and developed his artistic knowledge and love of oil painting.
“As artists like Peter Curling, Philip Grey and the amazing portrait and still life artist Nick B Robinson are so selfless in sharing their knowledge with me, I now feel duty bound to help anyone interested in developing their artistic talents” adds Barry.

Barry’s paintings can be purchased and/or commissioned through his website and Instagram platforms:




THE 2027 RYDER CUP - Adare, Co. Limerick

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