The Washing Pool


A tributary stream of the River Maigue, the Droichidin, flows under a two arched bridge.

Groups of women used to gather regularly here to wash their clothes and talk about life in the village. These women did their washing on spittle stones in the stream bed or by pounding the clothes with wooden washing bats or beetles.  The Washing Pool was also a watering place for horses

The pool, dating back over two hundred years, was restored and the banks paved by Limerick County Council and the Adare Tidy Towns Association during European Architectural Year in 1975.

Across the road from the Washing Pool is a stone fountain erected by Caroline, Countess of Dunraven in 1844 and since then it has been a favourite meeting place for the people of Adare.

THE 2027 RYDER CUP - Adare, Co. Limerick

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