Adare’s Turf Quay


It is planned to restore the quay as an amenity for the local community and for visitors, and as a living part of local heritage.

Initial work will include the removal of a relatively small build-up of silt, mud and overgrowth. Then install a pontoon to allow safe access for canoes, kayaks and small craft as per engineering advice and permissions.

Some background information.

In pre-famine times “the Shannon Estuary was a very busy river, teeming with traffic” including
fishing boats, cargo ships, ferries, Royal Navy ships, French Navy ships, smugglers and pirates.
The Maigue Navigation was established in 1700’s to serve Adare using the tidal lower Maigue as a
continuation of links that shipped goods and people between Adare, the Shannon Estuary,
Limerick and the upper Shannon for many centuries.

Click below for the Historical Perspective.

Adare’s Turf Quay – A Historical Perspective

THE 2027 RYDER CUP - Adare, Co. Limerick

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