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Adare is the perfect venue for Church weddings, where brides and bridegrooms can step back into the history of this Heritage town, “Ireland’s prettiest village”. Our three Churches, which date back hundreds of years, extend a warm welcome to couples from far and near, who are planning to celebrate their special day in Adare.

Holy Trinity Abbey

To arrange your wedding at Holy Trinity Abbey Catholic Church you need only give four months’ notice of your intention to marry, however it is common practice for a couple to book the church a long time in advance. The Trinitarian Abbey was built between 1230 and 1240 and dissolved in 1560’s.

St. Nicholas Church of Ireland

The Rector of St. Nicholas Church of Ireland Adare, the Rev. Liz Beasley, is the solemniser of any marriage taking place in one of the churches in the Group. The church was restored in the 19th century through the generosity of the Earl of Dunraven.

Adare Methodist Church

Couples wishing to arrange their wedding at Adare Methodist Church should contact the Minister, Rev. Ruth Watt. The foundation stone for this church on Blackabbey Road was laid in 1873 by the Countess of Dunraven.

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