“Premature” to decide on new homes in Adare

Planners have denied permission for the second phase of a housing estate in Adare – despite approving the first part. Dwellings Developments sought permission from the local authority to construct 28 new homes and a crèche at land near the N21 road which passes through the village.

This came in addition to proposals for 74 new homes on the same site, which were green-lit by council, but subsequently appealed to An Bord Pleanala which is scheduled to make a decision on the proposals by next month.

It’s for this reason local planners have ruled that without full permission on the first set of houses, it would be “premature” to approve the second.

According to the planning application, the latest set of houses would be broken down into three, two-storey four-bed detached houses, two two-storey four-bed semi-detached units and eight, two-storey three-bed semi-detached homes.

On top of this, 12 apartments are proposed.

These would be made up of one, two and three-bed apartments.

However, the application attracted objections, with two people living locally saying there is “no assumption” that can be made on the layout of the new estate, given its first phase has not been given planning permission.

“In such a situation, the council must ask itself if it’s in a position to consider the present application,” the residents added, through an agent.

“If the applicants had wished to apply for a greater number of houses, they should have done so at the time of the original application.

“Indeed, the original application was for 99 homes which was reduced during the assessment of the application to 74,” the objectors pointed out.

“We now see an additional 28 houses being proposed bringing the total to 102. Could this be described as project splitting in order to increase the likelihood of permission in the first instance,” they asked.

The initial application, for 74 new homes attracted a number of submissions.

Among the objections from locals were concerns that it would cause traffic hazard and congestion at the main N21 road, as well as fears of the impact it could have on the local water supply. There was support, however, from the Adare Recreation and Community Complex which trades as the Manor Fields.

An Bord Pleanala has said it will make a decision on the first 74 houses in this development by Tuesday, February 6 next.

From an article in the Limerick Leader by Nick Rabbitts.

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