Construction of Adare Bypass to be fast-tracked ahead of Ryder Cup in Limerick

The Government have announced approval to advance construction of the Adare Bypass ahead of the Ryder Cup being held in Limerick’s Adare Manor in 2027.

The announcement which was made today, Tuesday by Green Party leader Eamon Ryan will assist traffic management during this busy period.

The Adare Bypass is a part of the Limerick to Foynes Project which sees the construction of 33km of road connecting Limerick city to the port of Foynes.

The Government will be investing approximately €150million in delivering the 7km bypass which will remove unnecessary traffic from Adare and eliminate a major regional point of congestion on the national road network. It will also improve the quality of life for those living and working in the town centre and allow for several urban realm improvements.

Minister for Transport Eamon Ryan said: “This is a major infrastructural project of strategic importance to Limerick and our national road network. Once complete, Adare will see huge benefits. There will be less congestion and noise, air quality will be better, it will be easier for people to get in and out of their own town, it will be much safer and there will be improvements to green areas and shared spaces, making it an even more attractive town to live and work in. This is the type of transformation we want to achieve for people by prioritising bypasses and our towns centre first approach.”

“We are also facilitating the accelerated delivery of this project with the aim to complete it ahead of the Ryder Cup in 2027. Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) will be working closely with Limerick City and County Council and other agencies and stakeholders, and together, will do everything they can to open the bypass in line with this timeline,” he added.

Minister of State and Limerick TD Niall Collins welcomed the announcement: “As we prepare in Limerick and Adare for the Ryder Cup in 2027, huge recourses will have to be spent. And this is a demonstration of the Government’s commitment to making these resources available.”

“The bypass will transform Adare for both locals and tourists. Not only will the local infrastructure and connectivity of the town improve, but it will also hopefully put an end to the major bottleneck of traffic in Adare, as almost 20,000 vehicles will be removed from the village of Adare every day once it’s operational so it’s hugely welcome that government is stepping up the plate when it comes to preparing for the Ryder Cup tournament in 2027,” he added.

From the Limerick Leader

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